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Sean McBride
June 29, 2023 | Cooking With Crosby Roamann | Sean McBride

Cooking with Crosby Roamann: Duck a la Sean -- Seared Duck Breast with Cherries


There is something about seared duck that always seems so … decadent. But what I love about duck is how simple and easy it can be, whether we simply take a couple duck confit and crisp them gently in the broiler with some boiled potatoes and a green salad for Sunday brunch, or sear up some duck breasts in a sauté pan for a somewhat more formal dinner. This recipe falls into the latter category. It has all the hallmarks of fine French cooking, but while it is exceptionally decadent and serious, it also incredibly simple. Only a couple ingredients are needed, and the majority of the prep time is spent halving and pitting cherries, half of which get eaten by whoever is chopping or talking with me in the kitchen (you know who you are!).

This is also a terribly romantic meal, and sure to impress, with a minimum of tedium. Enjoy!