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We are now taking reservations for private tastings.

Join us at our table, to share and enjoy our conscientiously farmed and handcrafted wines.

Our industrial chic winery and tasting room is located in Napa Valley’s Crusher District, just a few minutes from downtown. The lofty space is home to the winery production for both our Crosby Roamann and Sean W. McBride wines. Each tasting includes a private tour of our facility, tasting from barrel as well as from bottle. Please see our TASTING POLICIES below.

Our tasting experience is $50/person. Advance reservations are required. When requesting a tasting, please tell us a little about yourself: where you are visiting from, the primary purpose of your visit (just for fun, research, education, adventure, or buying trip), and any preferences you may have (red wines, white wines, new wines, library wines, etc).

Tasting Policies/COVID Restrictions:

Despite the fact that everyone who has tasted with us in the past year (when available) has been courteous and conscientious, it is incumbent upon us to mention a few rules and restrictions:

Please use the Contact Us form here to request a reservation.

Photography: Emma K. Morris