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A.k.a., the Club -- Die-hard Aficionados et al.

Our club is really more a group of die-hard Aficionados and wine-lovers than anything else. Members receive a six-bottle Original Wood Case ("OWC") every year in the fall (because who doesn't love a beautifully crafted pine wood box for the cellar?) -- Members also receive two complimentary tastings for four per year (FREE), invitations to members-only events at the winery (FREE), a vintage "Crush" T-shirt (FREE) (ps: also looks great doing punchdowns), plus the annual membership gift.

Shipping is included in the price of membership.

Giving Back.

Every Member Plants Ten Trees In California – In response to this year’s fire season and the state of California’s natural forests, this year the purchase of each Membership box will plant ten trees in California. It’s our goal to plant 2500 trees before the end of the year.
Collectors and Additional Purchases Adopt An African Elephant – Working in concert with the World Wildlife Foundation, this year Collector Members and Members who purchase an additional six bottles of new releases will also see a portion of their purchase price placed towards the adoption of an African Elephant at https://www.worldwildlife.org. It is our goal to adopt a herd of African Elephants by the end of the year – that’s 100 Elephants! You can help by purchasing a Membership below.
We are Carbon Neutral – And last but certainly not least, rest assured that your purchase of Crosby Roamann wines is a net-zero carbon transaction. By working with www.cooleffect.org, we have paid to offset our carbon footprint 100% -- including all energy, production, and shipping -- so you can feel good about your purchase.

If you reside outside of California, please email us at info@crosbyroamann.com to confirm we currently ship to your state.

We ship Internationally. Please contact us directly to establish an international membership.

Fall/Winter 2020: $360 + tax








Photography: Emma K. Morris