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The Inner Circle

Our club is really more a group of friends and family than anything else, which is why we call it the Inner Circle. Members receive two shipments per year of six or twelve bottles, one shipment in the Spring and one in the Fall. Members also receive the free annual gift, invitations to Members only events, and other perks. A one-case minimum purchase is required to join the Inner Circle; a six-bottle Reserve box purchase is required to join Crosby's Reserve Club. Members choose either six or twelve bottles per shipment thereafter. International memberships are also available.

Shipping is included in the price of membership.

Giving Back.

Every Member Plants Ten Trees In California – each purchase of a Membership will plant ten trees in California. It’s our goal to plant 10,000 trees in California this year.
We are Carbon Neutral – rest assured that your purchase of Crosby Roamann wines is a net-zero carbon transaction. By working with www.cooleffect.org, we have paid to offset our carbon footprint 100% -- including all energy, production, and shipping.

If you reside outside of California, please email us at info@crosbyroamann.com to confirm we currently ship to your state.

We ship Internationally. Please contact us directly to establish an international membership.

The 2020 Fall/Winter Crosby's Reserve Membership includes six bottles of Crosby's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 in an original wood box. 10% Discount; shipping included; plus other perks.

Fall/Winter 2020: $486.00

The Spring/Summer 2021 Inner Circle Membership includes six bottles each of Estate Bottled White Wine and Cabernet Sauvignon. 10% Discount; shipping included; plus other perks.

Spring/Summer 2021: $540.00








Photography: Emma K. Morris

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