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The Crosby Roamann Inner Circle

The Inner Circle membership is a one-year commitment to biannual club releases in the spring and fall. In addition to receiving access to our new releases and limited-production wines, each club level enjoys complimentary tastings at our Crusher District winery in Napa, an annual member gift and invitations to Inner Circle dinners and events.

If you reside outside of California, please email us at info@crosbyroamann.com to confirm we currently ship to your state.

The Premier Membership includes a little bit of everything ... 

Fall/Winter 2019: $576.00 + tax

Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon; a little bit of everything else ...

Fall/Winter 2019: $721.80 + tax

Two bottles of each red wine to start...

Fall/Winter 2019: $565.20 + tax

Pinot Noir only ... three bottles of each to start.

Fall/Winter 2019: $469.80 + tax








Photography: Emma K. Morris

Closed for summer!

Our online store has closed for the summer.

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