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Thanksgiving Selection 2-bottles

1 Chard & 1 Pinot

Thanksgiving Selection 2-bottles
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Thanksgiving is a perfect to time to explore the wide range of food friendly Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (and Syrah!) available from Crosby Roamann. Sample the luscious Pinot styles from Anderson Valley with Old Saint George or Fiadh Vineyard and explore our fruit driven Pinots from Sonoma. Pair these with our Napa Valley and Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnays. Throw in our Northern Rhone ringer with a bottle or two of Rowan Vineyard Syrah to complete the feast.

The standard package available here includes one bottle each of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, but you can also fully customize your own box, available in two-bottle, three-bottle, six-bottle, or twelve-bottle shipments, by reaching out directly to the winery at info@crosbyroamann.com

"Cabernet Sauvignon Worth Splurging On"

As Featured in Food & Wine Magazine

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