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Making distinctive wines with character and a sense of place is the bedrock of the Crosby Roamann ethos. We look forward to sharing our wines—and, our story with you—at our table or yours.

Art & Craft

We believe the finest wines in the world are made in the smallest quantities, by hand, with the greatest care and attention to the art and craft of winemaking. This is the tradition in which we engage -- It is the classic art of fine winemaking, driven by the belief that every vinyard is special, every vintage is different, and each wine is unique. The process is not easy. It starts with careful vineyard selection, and continues with a vigilant crush, and handcrafted techniques throughout the fermentation and aging process. We invite you to test the results.


Natural Winemaking

Our wines are handcrafted from the moment buds appear on the vines through the moment the wine is labelled and delivered to the world. To that end, we generally eschew the use of additives in our wine, allowing instead the native yeast living on the fruit to perform a spontaneous fermentation. Low-intervention winemaking is a kind of natural winemaking process, in which the winermaker's goal is to do as little as possible.

Environmental Philosophy

All of the wines we produce were grown from grapes either farmed sustainably, organically, or biodynamically, and we are committed to farming and to working with others who are only farming sustainably, organically, or biodynamically. Our estate vineyard is currently under transition to certified organic status, which we expect to complete in 2023. In addition to sustainable farming, we are also committed to the following environmental causes:

Every bottle of wine sold plants one tree in California;
We are 100% Carbon Neutral through off-setting carbon purchases.

"Cabernet Sauvignon Worth Splurging On"

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